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3 Ways To Improve Your Content Marketing

Lately I have been playing with a lot of content in a lot of different places.

It is sort of awesome because I have a huge amount of content to share and it gives me the chance to test and validate certain ideas.

One thing I have noticed as content marketing has grown more and more important is that more and more content isn’t very good.

Hopefully my content doesn’t fall into that category, but as someone that has spent a lifetime’s work in marketing and messaging, I have some ideas that can help your content marketing stand out….

1. It is never about you: 

Too much of the content I see running around the Internet is too focused on the person writing it.

The big idea has to be that the content you are creating isn’t really about you at all. It is about the person that is taking the time to read it or interact with it.

You get the benefit of the glow from producing and sharing good content.

And, if you are doing it right, that will help you produce results, but if it is all about how you are the best…you aren’t going to maximize your ROI from your content.

2. Titles, Graphics, and Presentation Are Huge:

I wrote campaign ads for a lot of politicians over the year and the first lesson you learn is how important the headline and splash are.

Presentation is king.

But for a long time, I didn’t pay that much attention to it.

I figured the content would be enough.

That’s not true.

The same way that delivering a snappy headline with a great graphic can be the difference between success and failure of your political mailer, the same goes for your blog…(look at all the beautiful white space?!)

3. Consistency is king!

Just like all forms of marketing, content marketing is reliant on your ability to deliver consistent value to your market.

So if you are looking or thinking about creating a content marketing campaign, never do anything that you can’t do consistently.

The worst thing in the world is for you to deliver one piece of valuable information to your audience and then shut down your strategy.

So make sure you have a plan that will help carry you through the initial excitement because content marketing is a long term activity.