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Work with Dave

There are four primary ways to work with Dave

As an advisor, as a speaker, as a teacher, or as a consultant. In all cases, the approaches and formats are customized to meet your specific needs.

Dave's work...

…revolves around developing strategies that help businesses win in any market and leads to results like:

Advisory Work/Consulting:

This work is aimed at producing outcomes that move the organization forward quickly and profitably. We work to apply actions immediately that will propel the organization forward quickly while laying the foundation for the organization to integrate and adapt these ideas as part of their normal operating procedure. Depending on the nature of the engagement, this work can include one-to-one coaching and work with one executive or a group of executives. In some cases, these engagements require group facilitation work. Or, Dave has sat in on meetings, providing feedback afterwards. The key is always to build the solution that is right for your organization and situation. This type of work is for leaders and teams that are facing challenging decisions, need to take action quickly, and prefer a more personal advisory relationship than a large consulting study.

Speaking Engagements:

Dave’s speaking engagement include a comprehensive presentation and follow up discussion on the topic. The talks can be customized to touch upon the topics and challenges your organization is dealing with. These talks can be customized depending on the nature of your group and the desired outcome. Previous talks that Dave has given include: * “The Courage to Change” about creating and directing change in an environment where change is constant. * “Fans for Life” about the need to cultivate the next generation of fans for your events and games, especially when the demands of modern life mean that youth sports participation has fallen. * “10 Numbers to Guide Your Post-Pandemic Strategy” as a way to excite and inspire a sales team at the start of 2021, using numbers to illustrate the real impact of the pandemic for organizations and individuals all over the world. These talks can be for small teams of a dozen or less or for big organization wide events with over 1,000 attendees.


Workshops are one of Dave’s foundational teaching platforms and he has used them to reinvigorate corporate strategies, help companies get unstuck, and to help business units launch new initiatives. These workshops can be delivered remotely or in-person. There are no typical workshops because every organization and situation is unique. Most workshops do last a minimum of one day, but can go as long as 4 days. The goal of these sessions is to challenge, inspire, and generate momentum. At the heart of these workshops are immediate actions, accountabilities, and scheduled follow-up.