Meet Dave

Dave Wakeman is a writer, speaker, consultant, and teacher.

Dave’s energy, ideas, and focus on getting to the nerve of a business are at the heart of his brand.

His work touches the intersection of strategy, marketing, and ideas.

Dave is a keynote speaker and has spoken to audiences around the world on the topics of community, change, innovation, and strategy.

Over his career, companies large and small have trusted him to get them to a new level of success, a new market, or as a needed dose of adrenaline when they find their business lagging.

Recently, he has created “The Whiteboard Workshop” as a tool to give businesses and their leaders the most intense, productive, and exciting day that their business has had in years.

American Express and their Centurion Card Concierge have referred to Dave as the “best partnership person we know” and “the King of Tickets” for his ability to help navigate the complex world of global ticketing.