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Here’s a quick way to improve your content strategy


Being a revenue consultant means that I often need to be my own best marketing and sales client.

One thing that I know that I do a pretty good job of is taking my content and using it in multiple ways.

For many people, this is a challenge because we often think of a speech, article, interview, or other action as a one time event.

But it shouldn’t be.

If fact, if you are smart, you will take your one piece of content and multiply its impact exponentially.

Here’s a way that you can improve your content strategy immediately, while maximizing the impact of each piece: (You may want a pen and paper for this exercise)

1. Take the piece of content and put your piece of content at the middle of the page: For the sake of this piece, I’ll take my recent interview on CBC about marketing and LEGO.

2. From the central idea and concept of the piece of content, brainstorm several ways that you can deliver the concepts in other ways: Are there concepts that aren’t fully fleshed in the piece that could be their own content pieces? Was the piece you delivered only a surface level description of the issue and challenge? Does the idea apply to different markets that you work with?

Using my LEGO interview, here are several ideas:

  • How to change your target market?
  • Maturing brands
  • International branding
  • Brand evolution
  • Brand extensions

3. Taking all of these ideas, are there ways that you can deliver them in different formats to your target audience?: Now, using my idea of LEGO again, where can I deliver some of these new ideas that will reach my target audience?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Would a webinar on LEGO and branding be a fit?
  • A white paper on successful rebranding
  • An article or series of articles about all of the issues raised in the interview
  • Use the video clip as a piece to touch my clients and prospects
  • Is there a checklist I can create based on the marketing steps that were taken?

These are just a few. But the key is that you can extrapolate one idea into infinite numbers of different ways.

More than anything else, I want you to take away the idea that you will improve your content strategy immediately if you don’t think about your content as a one off event and as a ongoing opportunity to expand on your idea.