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5 Ideas For You From My Appearance On “The Canadian SME” Podcast


I’m a fan of Canada. 

They have a nice healthcare system. The people are nice. I’ve got family there. 

So when the Canadian SME magazine asked me to be on their podcast, I said, “Sure.”

We had a chance to talk strategy so I wanted to highlight a few of the important lessons from the episode for you. 

The analyst and the architect:

  • The analyst sees the world through the eye of data, research, and what has happened. 
  • The architect looks at the world and imagines what can be. 
  • You need both to be a good strategist. 

Most strategy fails because people feel like it is complicated or doesn’t apply to them. 

  • This is why I focus on five quick ideas:
    • What does success look like?
    • Who am I targeting?
    • Why me?
    • What resources do I need to be successful?
    • What actions will we take?

If nothing changes, that doesn’t mean you will stay where you are. 

  • Change is inevitable. You have to take action with that in mind. Nothing stays the same. 

The biggest challenge most businesses are dealing with? Lack of awareness. 

  • There are certainly issues that businesses are dealing with, but people not knowing you exist is often number one. 

Strategy and branding have been used as indiscriminate terms: 

  • This holds businesses back. 
  • You have to control the language around strategy and branding so that you are the one driving the change, the planning, and the results. 

The full conversation is here: 


I’ve set up a Slack Channel for you to talk marketing and strategy with peers globally. 

I’ve got a special virtual strategy workshop planned for December…JOIN ME!

What stops you from creating a strategy? Or, sticking with your strategy? 

Let me know! 

I’m going to put together a full episode of ‘The Business of Fun’ built around strategy development. And, I want to include YOU!

You can reply to this email, DM on social media, send me smoke signals, or even, snail mail! 


BTW, I’ve been working with the team at Yellow Armadillo on podcast ideas and the tone of the newsletter. 

Jon Peck is an old-school G and if you have been thinking of starting a podcast or audio content, talk to Jon. 

He knows audio and audience building better than anyone I know. He’s worked on some of the most popular stuff on NPR, among other things.