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New Year’s Resolutions!

Those are for losers!

Instead, successful businesses have a strategy for the year ahead that focuses on:

  • Understanding what success really means for their business.
  • Who the customer really is.
  • Why the customer will pick you over the alternatives in the market. Including the most dangerous one, the status quo.
  • Having the proper resources in place to deliver on their strategy.
  • Action plans that focus on progress and not perfection.

This BootCamp is focused on getting you and your business off on the right foot to start 2024.

Not a bunch of fluff and talk of “manifestation” and “engagement”.

We are going to spend the time to focus on the hard things that will make your business a success in 2024!

You’ll learn:

  • Strategy as a tool to eliminate decisions so you can focus on the few things that will really push your business forward.
  • Why pricing is a strategic decision.
  • Focusing on outcomes and not inputs to get you off the treadmill of “everyone is doing it” or “more”.
  • The 3 Cs of Marketing and how to use them to pick better clients for your business.
  • Brand Power and how your brand insulates your price from discounts and random requests for “a better deal”.
  • The importance of combined prospecting methods to drive sales conversations.
  • Value-Based Pricing and how you can use this no matter what you are selling.
  • Bundling and Unbundling your products and services to elevate the perceived value of your offer.
  • Discounts!
  • And, more…

You will roll up your sleeves and create ideas that you can put to work ASAP!

The session will be 2 90-minute sessions over 2 days, 18 & 19 December!

The first 10 people to sign up will also receive an additional 15 minute 90 day strategic action review and re-orient session with Dave.

Don’t miss this.

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