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I’m doing a FREE webinar on Wednesday 20, September at 12:30 PM. It is for SMEs, freelancers, and solo consultants focused on busting pricing myths. 

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This morning, I’ve got a few links to some stuff that I’ve been reading about a little lately. 

To the Tickets! 

Tickets for Good offers free tickets to folks impacted by the cost of living crisis in the UK:

Even though I don’t know about the utility of papering the house to make it look full. I do think that providing entertainment to people impacted by the cost of living crisis is a good thing.


  • A big challenge folks are having is isolation and loneliness. These events can help. 
  • Making people pay the processing fee increases buy-in, making the tickets more likely to be used. 
  • Top-of-mind awareness for the arts is a good idea at any time. A program like this can help and drive people who wouldn’t usually attend certain events into new things. 

What do you think? 

Let me know your answer in the ‘Talking Tickets’ Slack group.

Popular Information looks at the economic case for a new arena for the OKC Thunder

Long-time readers will know my connection to the City of Seattle and the Seattle Supersonics. (That’s from 2001. That’s 22 years ago… it’s not retro, it’s vintage.) 

My question to you is $3,200 per person…does that seem to make sense to the taxpayers of Oklahoma City to you? Or, do you view it as something a bit more sinister? 

Let me know in the Slack Channel.

Evoke v. Extract: Key to Good Market Research:

I like this one because it is all about doing good market research. 

I realized that all of my writing and speaking is about evoking a response in people. 

This is why I challenge you as much as possible to rethink your processes or the way you see things. 

As a research tool, emotion is your friend. 

Dynamically Pricing beer?! The Germans got there first:

Trust me, so many people have sent me pictures of themselves at a bar in Germany that has dynamic pricing. 

Which gives me the chance to remind you that the keys to good pricing are: 

  • Have a process in place for how you set the price, starting with some sort of research. 
  • Set the price. You can use dynamic pricing. You can set the price. You can have tiers. But don’t just pull things out of thin air like most people do. 
  • Promote the price. This is the most important thing. Framing the price can make all the difference in the world. 

I’ll cover pricing as a part of your revenue strategy in NYC on September 28th.

I’ll teach you about:

  • The 3 Ps of Pricing
  • The 3 Cs of Positioning
  • Secondary market research and finding customer insights
  • Creativity in prospecting including an example from the Miami Marlins that helped generate over 300% increase in premium sales. 
  • Bundling and unbundling to raise fees or maintain the perception of value.

Plus, a lot more. It is a standalone version of my brand management class and only $495. 

An MBA course can cost you $1500 per credit hour or more! 

Small group setting. Actionable insights. Things you’ll be able to take back to your office on Friday! 

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