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7 Pricing Myths That Rob Consultants and Freelancers of Profits!

Do you price poorly?

It is okay…most people do. So I put together a FREE webinar called “Stop Underpricing: Myth Busting Shitty Pricing Strategies That Cost Solo Consultants/Freelancers/SMEs Money!” on Wednesday, September 20th at 1230 PM Eastern.

In the webinar, I’m going to countdown the 7 top myths or bad strategies that are costing you money.

  1. I have to charge by the hour: WRONG!
  2. I’m a small business, my clients won’t pay me like a larger firm: WRONG!
  3. My competition only charges this much, I can’t possibly charge more than they do: WRONG!
  4. It’ll only take me an hour…: WRONG!
  5. I have to give them a discount or “introductory pricing”: WRONG!
  6. They are buying these features and benefits: WRONG!
  7. I’ll count these down from first to worst…with an explanation why they suck and what you should be considering instead.
  8. We will also do some Q & A.
  9. So make sure you sign up ASAP. If you can’t make it, sign up anyway and I’ll send you a recording of the session in some format or another.