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What Am I Looking Forward To At Ticketing Professionals Conference 2018?


I’m off to Birmingham, UK tomorrow for the 3rd Ticketing Professionals Conference in Birmingham, UK.

Last year I had the chance to give the closing keynote on the future of live entertainment, but this year I am going to lead a few panels and discussions, which gives me a lot more flexibility in what I get to learn and how I get to engage with the conference.

Since I will have more of an opportunity to hang out and learn this year, I wanted to spend a few moments writing up a quick preview of what I hope to learn this week in Birmingham.

The opening keynote looks to be a barnburner Bill Hogg talking about how to build high performing organizations.

Bill’s hypothesis that less than a third of your team is engaged is consistent with what I know and I know that if your team isn’t engaged, most of the time that is your fault, not theirs.

I really look forward to Debbie Richards’ session on pricing. As many of you might have noticed, neuromarketing is something I am quite interested in and Debbie promises to cover how this plays into pricing as well.

The buying experience can and should be much easier for people, but it continues to be a problem for a lot of people. So I’m excited to learn what the European ticket market is doing to making buying tickets as easy for consumers as possible.

One of the hot topics around the globe is whether or not the secondary market has a role in ticket sales. I’m going to be curious to see what the producers of Hamilton say they have done to stop ticket resale. Here’s a hint, I’m skeptical that you can really ever stop secondary selling and I’m not sure you want to entirely eliminate it.

I’m also excited to see the presentation on trends in tickets, upselling, and pricing.

If you are in Birmingham this week, look me up.

See you there.