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Nothing Worse Than “Me Too” Marketing…


Chris Brogan wrote a blog post today that was called, “Cut the Bullshit” about the scourge of cookie-cutter marketing.

I got excited because for a long time I have been sitting here talking with you about the challenge of “me too” marketing…which is basically marketing done just because everyone else is doing it.

More than ever, we all need to move past “me too” marketing.

As a refresher, this is the kind of marketing that shows off all of your features, and all of your benefits, and loads people down with all the things that are important to you.

In other words, the kind of stuff that is easy to ignore.

The flip side of “me too” is “you too” marketing…

This is the kind of marketing that talks about your prospects and your clients…like:

You too can grow your business 100% in one quarter.

You too can double the number of prospects you reach this year.

You too can drive 20% more blog traffic.

Whatever your pick to convey to your audience, make sure it is focused on them.

Is it useful?

Does it help point them in a direction of success?

Is there a common challenge that you can help them solve?

Can you highlight some of the issues and challenges that they might face?

These might all feel like things that you wouldn’t want to solve, but in truth, they are the things you absolutely want to solve.

Because often when you solve a simple thing, you open the door to the more complex.

But more importantly, if you aren’t serving from the start…you likely are never going to get the opportunity to serve.