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Stop! Don’t Try To Reach Everyone!


You may or may not have heard the term “shooting fish in a barrel.”

If you have, great!

If you haven’t, the simple thing is that you want to make your marketing as targeted and focused as possible.

In the context of delivering on your revenue ambitions, you need to make sure you have a constructive and targeted go-to market strategy for your business.

In many cases, if we aren’t certain what we are looking for, we are looking at nothing and in our marketing this is super problematic because then our marketing has essentially no focus and no direction…which wastes our time and money.

Here are a few ways to understand your marketing and make sure it is focused in the right directions:

1. Understand your value

Until you are focused on the value you want to deliver to your target market, you will struggle with your marketing.

It is a simple fact.

Once you understand your own value, you can begin to more easily eliminate buyers, markets, and needless activities from your work.

2. Look to target the “yes man”

This means that you want to find a buyer…not just someone that will take a meeting with you.

Look for the person that can approve a purchase.

If your marketing isn’t getting you to these people, it is going to be less successful than you need it to be.

And, remember, when your marketing is effective…it is costing you time and money.

3. Use the activities that you need to use, not the ones that you “have” to use

A popular thing for people to say to each other is something like, “you absolutely have to try out Twitter for your business.” Or, you have to try Facebook ads or Pinterest or any other tactic.

Here’s the thing: you don’t.

In fact, trying to try every tool out is going to be counterproductive in almost every case.


Because not every buyer is on every platform.

The likely thing is that if you are in tune with your buyers and their preferences, you are going to find that more likely than not…they are only in a few places and you need to go there and talk to them, consistently.

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