Final Day of INTIX


So I will give some more posts over the next few days about INTIX and the agenda in the post conference glow.

But here are my 5 takeaways from Day 3 of INTIX.

  1. Growing the conference and its impact in the industry is at the top of people’s minds.
  2. Having events, meals, and indicators of level of participation was a really great way to generate conversations.
  3. The key with any conference is to make sure that you try to be a connector of people.
  4. It is quite helpful to have an agenda for what you want to search out or learn.
  5. There is a really big opportunity for INTIX to take the lead on delivering high value content and educational materials throughout the year and it seems like the demand is there.

I’ll come back with more in-depth stuff tomorrow and over the next few days.


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