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Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design

Digital Image by Sean Locke
Digital Planet Design

Yesterday we talked about identifying your value and the idea that value is one of the keys to how you lead and develop your business. And, let me tell you, that is all fine and good, but let’s be realistic…as soon as possible, we want to find buyers and in a lot of cases, we want to find as many buyers as possible.

First, lets clear up who buyers are:

They are people that can say yes to authorizing the purchase of your product or service.


This should save you a lot of time in the future because if they can’t sign a check, get it signed, or get you directly into the person that can, you shouldn’t be spend a ton of time with those people.

So back to buyers.

How do you identify the buyers you want?

If you followed my trick above, you know by their ability to say yes.

Now, how do you reach them?

There are likely tons of ways that you can reach them, but lets focus on a few simple ones:

1. Know who they hang out with:

The first point is that by finding your buyers, you want to know who they hang out with.

These people can be the fastest path to your buyers.

2. What do they read:

Its pretty simple. If you have the chance to publish or be published as a source in a spot where your buyers go for information, take that opportunity.

3. Where do they go:

I mean specifically conferences and educational and business spots, but maybe clubs and gyms too.

Anyway you have to separate these people into places where you can have conversations.

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