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Keep Your Eye On The Prize!


In the end, our clients are likely hiring us with a lot of ideas and thoughts behind their decisions. Maybe they like our backgrounds. Maybe they like our ability to create positive change. Maybe they like the look of our client sheets. But once we have been hired, how they are going to judge us shifts rapidly to results and outcomes! Outcomes are our stock in trade. So make sure you are producing outcomes that you can be proud of.

Why are outcomes so important for us?

Two reasons really.

First, if you are talking about outcomes, you are often talking about value. For you, that value can more readily translate into better marketing, higher fees, and a better opportunity to translate your success in a meaningful manner.

For your clients, outcomes are going to help justify the buying decision in their mind. It is going to be a key indicator of how wise their investment in your firm was. Outcomes are going to be there to show ROI for the purchase. Outcomes will sooth apprehension and uncertainty.

Remember, people buy with emotion but justify with logic and outcomes give you the logic you need.