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How I Approach a Strategy Discussion…


Earlier this week, I wrote about the numbers I look for when I am working on a ticketing project. 

You have also told me that you would like hear more about how I approach things when I work with people. 

So let’s try that today.

You can find the stuff on the numbers I look at in ticketing projects here:

Talking Tickets! 

The 4 Numbers I Look At When I Work With Ticket Teams…

Hi! You’ve asked me to share a bit more about what I’m looking for when I do work with clients. Today, I’m going to peel back the cover and share 4 numbers I look at when I work with a team/theatre/organization with some context to help you understand why I’m looking at the number…

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So I wanted to write about the questions I generally start with when I work on strategy and brand projects. 

Let’s see what this sparks in you:

What does success look like?

This is the foundation of my strategy work and thinking. 

Everything revolves around the idea of why does a business succeed or fail? 

The starting position, what success looks like. 

Who is your target customer?

You can’t be everything to everyone. And, you can’t target everyone. 

Targeting everyone is targeting no one. 

What size is the target market?
How much of the market do you have already? 

These questions help me understand whether or not you have tapped out in an area, have actually made a targeting decision, and have an understanding of the underlying size and opportunity that you are focusing on. 

What is your position? 
Why is this your position? 
How did you come to this decision? 
What are you using to support this decision? 

These questions all help us understand an important idea, “why you?” 

Why are people buying from you and not the alternatives? 

With the most important competition being the status quo. 

We also can learn a lot about the consistency of your marketing efforts by the last question about what you are doing to support this decision. 

What do you think about these questions? 

Do you know the answers to these? 

Let me know what these questions spark for you. 

You can hit reply and it will come right to me. 

BTW, I posted a podcast this week with my conversation with Dr. Bijoy John on the power of sleep. 


One more thing…


I love to hear from you.

How am I doing with ‘Talking Tickets’?

Is there anything you’d like to see more or less of?

Which aspects of the newsletter (and/or podcast) do you enjoy the most?

Hit reply and say hello — I’d love to hear from you!



PS. You’ve made it the final word, so I know you are with me…will you share this post with a friend or colleague that might benefit from thinking through their strategy or approaching the idea from a different angle! 

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