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What Does Reinvention Mean to You Now?

Dr. Julie Gurner is the psychologist that was an inspiration for Wendy Rhodes on Billions. 

This morning she wrote about the 4 critical moments that define your success in business or your career. 

  1. Early career
  2. Going all in
  3. Crisis
  4. Reinvention

I’ve been thinking about the fourth one a lot lately. 


Because it feels like all of us are at a point of inflection and reinvention. 

I was reading ‘Puck News’ talk about how newspapers, streamers, and other businesses were struggling with living in a non-ZIRP world. (Zero interest…I had to look it up.) 

Roger Martin wrote about understanding that your ‘Where to Play’ decision is about being unique. 

Which brought me back around to the idea of reinvention.

What does it mean to me? 

What does it mean to you? 

How can we take advantage of it because from my chair, it looks like folks are struggling with the idea. 

Let me know in the Slack Channel or by hitting reply, sending me a DM, or writing me a postcard. 


Obviously, this is more philosophical than normal…I’ll get back to the shenanigans and making fun of discounts later.