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New Year: Strategy Matters! 

A bit different one this morning because I posted this on LinkedIn to test it out:

Here’s an example of a business strategy that might help you out as we start the year…

As we start the new year, it is important to be reminded that your hashtag#strategydoesn’t have to be perfect, but you do need one. 

What does that mean in action?

You have to start by understanding what success looks like. 
That’s the simplest starting point for your strategy. 
You have to know where you are going. 

Then, you have to know where your attention is going to be. 
Who is your buyer? Your target market? 
You aren’t selling to everyone. You may think you are, but if you are really are…you are failing. 

That leads into having an understanding of why people should buy from you over the alternatives. 
You have a lot of ways to stand out. 
Which one are you going to compete on and emphasize? 

Once you’ve made these decisions, you can move on to the actions you are going to take…these actions will be fluid and change, maybe even regularly, but you have to start with the ideas at the top. 

Do you have the outline of your strategy laid out? 
Where are you getting stuck?

Does this make sense to you? 
Does this kind of post add value for you? 

Let me know in the Slack Channel

Do you know someone that has struggled with a strategic direction? 
Share this with them.