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Marketing Has Lost Its Way?!

A Thinker’s 50 writer takes aim at marketing, especially the way that businesses are pushing prices as far as they can, even when signs of distress in the world are everywhere. 

I know Umair from his writing about economics. 

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I didn’t realize he was a Thinkers 50 thought leader for his writing about branding and marketing from his time running an agency. 

This made me pay attention to his ideas. 

The big one: 

  • Marketing has lost its way and that shows up in the weaponization of price at a time when there are cost of living issues in the United Kingdom, more than half of American’s are ‘cash flow negative’, and costs are still a concern in almost every country in the world. 
  • Umair also points out that a good marketing professor would teach you that the job of the 4Ps is to deliver on your strategy and help you build a brand. And, that actions like Carrefour taking Pepsi off of shelves is destructive of brand equity that may never be rebuilt. 

Here’s the full piece and I’m curious what you think about this. 

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My OG piece on American marketing losing its way as a point of reference. 

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