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Resale as a Service?!


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You know me: I’m always looking for an opportunity. 

I was excited to do a little research for my upcoming secondary market conversation and talk about things ticket brokers love to see when a show goes on-sale when I found this interview with Zac Leigh of Tixel

What drew me in were a few numbers:

  • 88% of buyers are more likely to buy a ticket early if they know they can resell the ticket later. 
  • 70% of tickets are resold within a week of the event. 
  • Over 30% of tickets change hands, meaning get swapped for better or different seats. 

What does this tell us?

  • Just like with refund protection and the numbers that increased to over 50% in some places, behavior teaches us a lot. 
  • 70% of tickets being resold the week of the event means that people are waiting longer.
  • If you look at a lot of sales data, it looks like this beautiful picture:
  • This means there is a lot of activity at the start of the week, but things go silent until the last 48 hours.
    • Price isn’t a motivator during the 4 or 5 days: don’t discount. 
    • People are waiting for the best deal, maybe. Or, they might be making up their mind whether to attend or not. Meaning, you are already in a losing position because when a buyer is buying a few days before a show, a lot can happen like life, alternatives, or doing nothing. 
  • If 88% of people will buy earlier with resale, having some sort of incentive for resale, refund, returns is a big winning opportunity.
    • Can you roll refund protection into your offer?
    • Can you make your refund and exchange policy a part of the sales conversation?
    • Can you remind your buyers how easy it is to change their mind if life gets in the way?
  • 30% of people swap tickets: that’s an opportunity.
    • Just like you can promote resale, refund, return, you can make “upgrade your seat” a part of your offering.
      • I’ve been involved in that before…
    • You can find ways to help people be with their friends, increasing the likelihood of increased scan rates, potentially more ticket sales, and, hopefully, more F&B sales. 

This gets me back to the notion at the top of Resale as a Service. 

Is this a direction people could be willing to go to: having a resale platform/partner that helps manage not just the listing and pricing, but the different strategic ways to fill a venue? 

Zac has given me something to think about: what about you?

Don’t forget to send me your ideas for Monday’s special holiday podcast recording of “Things Scalpers Love When You Go On-Sale”. 

I want your ideas, questions, and thoughts. 

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