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Are You Making One of These Pricing Mistakes?


Pricing seems to cause folks more panic than anything else they talk to me about:

  • “Everyone wants a discount.”
  • “Am I charging too much?”
  • “My competition is charging __ but I don’t know if I can go higher.” 

The list goes on…

Does this ring true for you?

At 1230 Eastern, today, Wednesday 20 September, I’m going to host a FREE webinar on pricing strategies called “Myth Busting: Shitty Pricing Strategies That Are Costing You Money.”

In today’s session, I’m going to cover topics like:

  • Why you don’t have to charge by the hour…but, more importantly, how you can think about pricing in a way that charging on the project or via value makes more sense to you. 
  • Why the time you spend on something shouldn’t matter when you think about pricing. You’ve got a skill or an expertise that deserves value and respect. Just because it takes you only a moment to do something doesn’t mean you should charge less…it probably means you should charge more. 
  • How to avoid focusing on features and getting to benefits. No one cares about how the sausage is made…they just want the sausage. 
  • Why “Introductory Pricing” is a stupid way to build a business. 
  • Why “Discounts are Still For Dummies” and more! 

So join me for some pricing ideas that will definitely put money in your pocket! 

Do you know someone who is making these mistakes?

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P.S. If you can’t make it, sign up anyway. I’ll make a recording to share after the presentation is over.