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2 Foundational Questions of a Great Strategy…

A hand drawn diagram with Dave's thinking on strategy and branding with how they link to marketing and innovation. 

Which ultimately leads to the two most important questions in strategy:

1. Who is your customer?
2. What do they value?

It is debatable whether anyone can call a strategy “great” until you see the results of the efforts the strategy creates. But there are two essential questions at the heart of setting a good strategy:

  • Who is your customer?
  • What do they value?

Begin with the customer. No customer, no business.

Simple, foundational, but often missed because people become enamored with a new technology, tool, or idea.

These may be great, but if the customer isn’t looking at them or needing them…it doesn’t matter.

Which leads to the second question: what does the customer value?

Sales happens because a customer sees a solution that they think will create more value for them than the cost. People are almost never buying a tool, a project, or anything except for a solution. That solution comes in the shape of the value that the customer receives.

If you know the answers to these two questions, you can begin to build a business that has a chance to allow you to capture some of the value you’ve created in the form of sales and profits.