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10 Ways I Improve My Client’s Businesses

I’ve been doing some planning and thinking about outcomes so that I can create some new experiences for folks to work with.

That brought me around to an exercise where I wrote down ways that I help my partners improve their businesses.

These 10 ways are all focused on producing more business for you.

  1. Higher Profit Margins: We focus on better pricing, brand power, marketing effectiveness and more with the outcome being a higher profit margin.
  2. More Profits: It isn’t what you make, but what you keep.
  3. Larger Market Share: Having a good strategy with clear targeting and positioning can help you claim more of your market.
  4. More Customers: Not just more customers, but the right customers.
  5. Improved Sales: This can come in many forms like less sales time, shorter sales cycle, more renewals, or winning new business.
  6. Reduced Sales Time: We get here with a whole combination of factors like better pricing, stronger positioning, targeting, branding, and more.
  7. Entering New Markets: Getting into new markets means new messages, market research, understanding the value and needs, and more. You don’t just throw new products out willy nilly.
  8. Higher Valuation: Your brand can be 40% or more of the value you have in the market. Your sales can drive your valuation as well.
  9. Stronger Brands: This matters because it drives all parts of your business. A strong brand jump starts your sales process by shortening the sales cycle, giving you pricing power, and creating a preference for your business. You can also get a higher valuation for your business like we talked about above.
  10. More Effective Marketing: At the end of the day, all of this work comes down to helping you be more effective in your business, driving more sales, improving your conversions, and keeping more profit.