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🔍Effective Strategy Requires: FOCUS!

Meta wants FOCUS!

The Big Idea: Strategy requires focus. 

With a potential economic downturn, companies are being forced to make new strategic decisions. 

Meta’s stock has declined over 60% in 2022.

Meta also posted its first ever revenue drop in Q2 of 2022.

What does this mean: Declining share price and a revenue drop mean that Meta must make new strategic choices. 

Rising revenues and growing share prices allowed Meta: 

  • To invest in many programs like the Metaverse.
  • To hire more employees growing the company to over 80,000 employees.
  • To be aggressive with the government around disinformation. 


Those decisions may need revisiting. 

For you: Meta’s situation can teach us some lessons on strategy. 

  • Strategy requires choice. You can’t do everything. 
  • Strategy in turbulent times requires you to make new choices. The old stuff might not work. 
  • Right now, juggling more inputs is required. There are challenges coming from many directions. 

The bottom line: Meta was able to spread itself thin for many years because of a growing business. 

As that changes, Meta will be forced to rethink their business and the value they deliver to their customers. 

Just like everyone else. 

Go Deeper: A great strategy primer from Roger Martin.