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Brett Goldberg Joins the Podcast to Talk About the Secondary Market…

Tech/Tools/Profile: Brett Goldberg talks with us about TickPick

Big Ideas:

  • Behaviors are changing due to the pandemic. 
  • Speculative selling doesn’t have to be a bad thing, but there are a lot of examples where it is. Getting all of the press. 
  • All-in pricing levels the market from a customer POV. 

Good conversation with Brett Goldberg this week. 

We hit on a lot of topics like pricing, spec selling, where the name TickPick came from, and a lot more. 

A few quick ideas to temp you into listening:

  • Brett shares some of the data and examples around folks changing their behavior in buying now that lockdowns have ended and events are going on as normal. 
  • Being lean helped TickPick make it through the pandemic without having to shut down completely. 
  • All-in pricing can be a big win for the customers. It balances the playing field from the POV of the customer. 
  • For professional sellers to really win on TickPick, they have to be smart about the way that they price and price fairly. 
  • Spec selling gets a bad wrap because the only time you really hear about it is when something goes wrong. But there are instances when spec selling could be of value to the market. 

This was a solid conversation with Brett and we covered the change in policy that TickPick made in response to the Olivia Rodrigo tour canceling tickets overnight and a lot more. 

Give it a listen.