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A short recap of my key ideas…

One of the pages I revisit on the web pretty regularly is the Peter Drucker Wikipedia page.

I love it because one of the sections is about Drucker’s key ideas.

Which got me to thinking, at this point, what are some of the key ideas that push me forward?

Here are my best guesses and thoughts about the themes and principles that define my work:

  • Customer service is the cheapest form of marketing.
  • Revenue is often a process that can be improved upon.
  • Nonprofits are doing the most important work in the world, especially as more and more services are being cut back in the United States.
  • Strategy really boils down to 3 key questions:
    • What is my value?
    • Who is my buyer?
    • How do I reach them?
  • The missing ingredient in modern business is often empathy.
  • Most businesses are really marketing businesses.
  • We miss opportunities when we try to don’t focus on value.
  • Innovation is something that has been slowing and most of what is passed off as innovation today is just incremental change.

I know there are likely more themes that come out of me regularly, but these were the big ones and I was inspired by the Drucker Wikipedia page.

What are your core beliefs or guiding principles?

Let me know.