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Are You One Of The Many? Or Are You One Of One?


One of the big challenges in marketing and sales, no matter what the sales environment is standing out in a crowded market.

With businesses being easier to start, having a strong value proposition is more important than ever.

Yet, far too many organizations don’t do a good job of explaining their unique value proposition to their target markets.

Why is that?

A few reasons:

  • We’ve been trained to sell our products and services like a commodity.
  • We’re often too close to what we are working on to step back and think about what we are doing from anyone else’s point of view.
  • We often only think tactically, not strategically.

To make a better go at selling based on your unique value proposition, here are a few ideas that could help you sell just a little bit better.

Sell In Terms Of Outcomes:

Too often, we make our value proposition about what we do, not the impact we create.

To create a better value proposition, you need to focus on the outcomes; the ways that you and your organization make your clients’ lives better.

Think About Tangible Or Intangible Improvement: 

Value doesn’t just come from tangible results, it also comes from the intangible.

All too often we spend our time focusing on only the concrete, but the way we feel is also extremely valuable.

If you are selling a solution to an executive, saving them time or reducing grief is an extremely valuable thing.

So don’t just think about the concrete, think about the emotional.

What Do You Do That People Recognize You For:

Do you own a word in your clients’ minds?

Use that.

In selling, you don’t want to be one of many,  you want to be one of one.

You want to be the Purple Cow that Seth Godin talks about.

Or, you want to be the unicorn that is one of its kind.

You need to stand out in the market. That’s what your unique selling proposition is all about.