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Is Your Marketing Doing The Right Thing?


The thing about growing your business or reaching more of your preferred clients is that you have to spend a lot more time focusing on and reaching out to the specific clients you want to reach.

One of the reasons that many organizations struggle with penetrating their chosen markets is because they fall into the trap of focusing too much of their marketing time on tactical ideas and largely undifferentiated activities.

How do you avoid this kind of thing?

By communicating around outcomes!

Let’s do a few actionable thoughts that will get you in the right frame of mind to attack outcomes:

How Do You Improve Your Clients’ Business?

The first sign that you are focusing on the right things is because you are talking about how you improve your client’s lives.

Simple, right?

Focus on the outcomes and the way you create improvement.

Think About The Buyer:

Too often we may create marketing or content that is focused at the buying organization or at an area that we are interested in, but how often do we focus on specific buyers.

One way that you can get more traction is by focusing on specific buyers.

If you think about the buyers, you will find that the material you create and the content that you put together will have a different target.

Don’t be concerned about that…focus on the buyer.

Focus On Big Picture Over Tactical:

If you are looking at the buyer and looking to make an impact, you are likely going to want to do two things…

  1. Focus on the strategic.
  2. Turn the strategic into actionable tasks.

The golden idea is to turn your ideas into action.

The best marketing you can do takes a challenge that the potential buyer is having and show how you would take actions to relieve that pain.