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5 Ideas About Marketing From Super Bowl Week


I haven’t really written anything about the Super Bowl this week, which might be pretty telling on its own. But in honor of the big game on Sunday, here are 5 marketing ideas that popped up due to the events surrounding the game.

  1. The rapid decline in male viewership is a bigger story than the new Thursday night TV contract.
  2. The continued attention that the commercials receive show that PR is a better way to build a brand than advertising. (Think about it, we love the commercials, but we don’t buy the products…right?)
  3. The combination of Roger Goodell’s press conference and Justin Timberlake’s answer about his son never playing football aren’t catastrophic at once, but they are sure signs that the continued slow erosion of the NFL’s popularity is likely to be a long term trend.
  4. The ticket prices to the Super Bowl have stayed high, but I would imagine that there will be a significant softening on Saturday and Sunday.
  5. The hyperbole about the game after the fact will overshadow any negatives about the Super Bowl, but the issues that are still at play with the declining attendance and ratings will just continue to fester because one story will drive the decision making of the league.

Do you have any predictions? Leave them below!