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What Have You Defined As Important?


A lot of the things we read online about the effectiveness or the success of a business or a career lately comes down to the brute force theory of life: which is more of everything is better.

I mean there are “thought leaders” that have built their whole careers on crushing it, working 20 hour days, and never turning off.

Which is to say that, I think they are pushing something that is likely either not true or not healthy.

This idea about just more, more, more is actually short circuiting many organizations because it stops them from ever doing the most important thing that any organization or person can do, focus.

Focus on the outcomes you want to achieve.

Focus on where you want to put your resources.

Focus on where you want to spend your energy.

Focus on the direction you want to point your organization in for the future.

These things are more important than sheer focus on activity for any number of reasons, most importantly because much of the sheer activity that we undertake keeps us stuck on solving today’s problems and issues, which are really just yesterday’s.

The reality of business today is that now more than ever, we need to focus our time, energy, and thoughts on 3 things:

  1. Making ourselves and our businesses effective in the moment. Not just busy, but effective. And effectiveness is measured not by doing the most, but doing the most important.
  2. ID’ing our potential opportunities and working to realize them.
  3. Constantly focusing on making ourselves or our businesses into something new for the future.

Without focusing on these things and organizing your business and career around these opportunities,  you are going to be stuck. You will underperform.

So remember, you make the future by making time today to focus on what you want to have manifest itself in the future.