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Some of My Influences


I was reading a post by Anthony Iannarino this morning about his influences and I thought it might be helpful if I shared a few of my own.

Peter Drucker:

Known as the father of management, if you read Drucker’s work today it is still lively and full of snap. On many topics, Drucker’s work could have been easily been written today.

The most fascinating thing about Drucker’s writing is that he is most interested in people and not necessarily the actual processes of business.

In my own work, the practical common sense approach that he takes invades most of my thinking.

Alan Weiss:

“The Rock Star of Consulting” is another one of my heroes.

Dr. Weiss is another person that focuses on common sense and being practical in his approach to business.

Alan has written about 60 books on consulting, strategy, and leadership.

Seth Godin:

Seth is known as the world’s greatest marketing blogger, or something like that.

But to me, Seth Godin is an inspiration.

His dedication to helping people and creating inspiration and opportunities for others to be the best that they can be.