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What If?

Peter Drucker once wrote about the need to “identify the future that has already occurred” and to figure out how that is going to have an impact on your business. 

Even though he wrote those words about 30 years ago, the same idea holds true today. If you look at the current state of business in our country, we find our organizations, businesses, and governments trying hard to argue their way out of sunk costs and events that have already happened. 

There are good examples of this happening all around…

But to take just a moment, think about how we can use things that are commonplace today to deliver even more value, like:

* Using social media and the Internet to modernize our legislative and voting practices.

* Using open source platforms as ways to deliver real change to institutions that have been very slow to change.

* Finding ways to not just use the Internet as a better platform for curation of information so that there is increased value from the free flow of information. 

These are only three, but you can look at any change or industry and practice this exercise…the real powerful question being “what if?”