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Pyramid of Value to Marketing/Branding Efforts

I have been working on creating a visual to present to my clients…which shows a triangle of business communication value.

Since I don’t have it mapped out for you, I will describe it…and I think you will have better success thinking it through than if I just drew it up for you right now.

At the top of the pyramid of value is the brand. The brand is something that captures the unique value of every decision you and your business makes.

The second level is marketing…this is the strategic thinking about how, why, and where you are going to share your brand.

The third and lowest level is tactics…these are promotions, advertising, etc. They are the actions that support the first two levels.

Without the third level, you can’t really succeed with the top two. For example, you can’t improve your brand if you haven’t invested in live answering for small business and your potential clients are left with no answer whenever they phone.

When you go and reverse the order the bottom, tactics, are the highest energy and lowest reward. Too much of our discussion in business flows around the concept of what tactics we can do to produce the result instead of thinking from the top down.