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10 Concepts Nonprofits Need To Be Thinking About…


A lot of time nonprofits get jammed up because they feel like the only thing that matters in their work is doing good.

But for many nonprofits, the real challenge is actually thinking more like a business. If you don’t, you won’t have the ability to do the work that makes a difference. This is why it is important for nonprofits to use specific software solutions such as https://www.upmetrics.com/solutions-nonprofits.html to track progress and impacts that will yield positive results for the organization.

Here’s 10 other things to pay attention to:

1. Strategy:

You need to think about 3 things.

What’s our mission?

Who are our customers?

What do our customers value? (Remember, you have a bunch of different customers.)

What results are we looking for?

What is our plan?

2. Stories:

Stories are how we make sense of the world.

Also, stories help create the emotion that we need to take action.

Don’t neglect stories.

3. Outcomes:

What are the results you are trying to achieve?

4. Management:

Management needs to manage the organization like a business and not like something to just do good.

That means being conscious of outcomes, marketing, and performance.

5. Leadership:

Just having a great cause isn’t enough.

In most cases, having a great cause isn’t nearly enough.

To maximize their impact, nonprofits need leadership that keeps things moving in the right direction, builds up top performers, and is always pushing for innovation.

6. Development:

Isn’t just a means to an end.

Development is an expression of who you are as an organization.

7. Change:

Like all businesses, change will be a constant in your organization.

You have to manage change and embrace it.

8. Marketing:

Build a better mousetrap! If we build it, they will come!

All are good marketing ideas that are not realistic.

If you have work worth doing and worth talking about, don’t leave this stuff to chance.

9. Brand:

Brands are your most valuable assets. They tell people who you are when you aren’t around.

Manage your brand like your organization depends on it. Because it does.

10. Partnerships:

Don’t try to change the world by yourself.

Embrace partners that can help you amplify the work both of you are doing.