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Looking for improvement

There are very few miracles in business. And when I am called in to work on organizational performance issues, I tell my clients up front that there isn’t likely to be some miracle cure to their issue. That being said, you can control a great deal of the variables when you are trying to change your organization’s performance.

Here are 3 ways that you can look at your business to try and make a miracle a little more likely:

1. Look at your customers: Depending on the specific issue, you need to look at your customers. Are your customers the same as they were last year? The year before? Are you doing the same work for them? 

2. Look at yourself and your employees: If your business is to grow, you need to be different than you were before. So look for growth in your key team members and yourself. Are you growing?

3. Look at your competition: This is the easiest place to start and may be too often the only place people look, but check the competition out anyway to see what they are doing that is the same, different, and/or better. 

Its 3 things, but start here…you’ll be surprised.