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How Do You ID The Right Opportunities For Focus?

Seth Godin wrote about triaging opportunities and that’s actually a pretty interesting idea.

Lately I have been working on a number of different opportunities and projects, and if I am not careful, I can get overwhelmed with things that I might be missing the best opportunities for me and I might not be offering up the best ideas and opportunities to my clients.

Noise is just a part of life at this point.

But after reading Seth’s post, it got me to thinking about putting together a grid so that I could focus better on the right opportunities for myself.

Here’s what I came up with, you might find this helpful.

Can’t help at all: 

Pretty self explanatory, but these things aren’t in my expertise. The companies might be too small. The people involved might not be a fit for my organization. Etc.

Need me now, ASAP:

These are the people that I can help right now.

They have money. They have the time to focus. They have the market fit.

They are likely to be successful with the right things in place.

Need me eventually:

Not ready today, but likely to be good for me in the future.

These people are just uncovering their needs. They aren’t ready to act. They can’t quite marshal resources.


As you look at your own business, what categories have you created?