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3 Things You Keep Hearing And Why They Aren’t True

We get a lot of advice, and most of it is bad…

Here are 3 things you hear a lot and why they are totally false:

1. You Can Build Your Brand On Social Media: This is flat out wrong and here is why…social media is a tool, and if you don’t have a strong viewpoint and solid idea, no amount of savvy in social media will help you. So build a strong brand first, then leverage social media to maximize that brand.

2. Big Data Will Save: Too often the people talking about “big data” lose the fact that business is still reliant on people authorizing purchases. Much like with social media, data is a tool, but you always need to keep in mind that it is only a tool…not an end all.

3. The Latest Greatest Fad Will Save Us: If you find yourself in a position where your company is telling you that the latest greatest fad is going to really save the business, you should run…not walk, to the exit as quickly as possible. First, all businesses no matter how complex or simple thrive on their execution of the fundaments: marketing, sales, service. Second, any new technology, application, etc is a tool for you to use in service of marketing, sales, and service. Third, if your organization is waiting so long to address issues that they need the hail mary of new fad…even if it saves the organization in the short term, in the long term,  you are still in trouble.