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You Don’t Have Processes In Place? Wait! What?

Over the years, I am proud to admit, I have been pretty successful in helping a few businesses dramatically increase their growth.  This has either been after slumps or at the beginning.  

There, I did it, I tooted my own horn…

Anyway, this doesn’t have nearly as much to do with me as it does with the one part of business that I like more than any other and that is really smart processes.  

Recently I was talking to a client and the conversation steered toward some of my past work.  The question was along the lines of “What did you do to help grow ticket sales for this company?”  

Which got me thinking, I can’t remember the specific actions that were taken at the time. More importantly, the specific actions aren’t as important as what I do know that I did.  Which is set up great processes so that the decisions could be made within the context of specific goals and targets.  

Here’s your take away…early on in a project, put in place really good goals and processes.  The goals are so that you can have a target to aim for and the processes are going to help you make your decisions about the project in a way so that all of your decisions are related to achieving your goals.  

Even if you ultimately change or discard the goals, the processes you build in early are going to help you in the long run.