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Uncle Sam and Small Businesses

I spent the day at a really cool event in Washington DC centered around helping small businesses work more effectively with the Federal Government. 

I wanted to take a few moments to get down some of the cool things I learned or encountered during the day and then I will come back to them later. 

1.  Have you visited the Small Business Association’s website lately?  If you haven’t, you should head over and take a look at what they are doing.  They’ve got some cool social media features and a lot of programs that might be really useful to you. 

2.   Another thing I should note, if you are a small business, the Federal Government has a goal of using small businesses for at least 23% of their procurements.  So maybe you want to consider selling your product or service to Uncle Sam. 

3.  Mentor-Protege programs look like the way to go.  If you’ve ever thought about dealing with Uncle Sam and found the idea kind of overwhelming, these programs can help you get your feet wet and make the process a little less scary. 

These are just 3 quick things I mentioned that really stood out and I wanted to get them down before I forgot to write them down.  I’ve got other takeaways to share.  But I’m tired tonight. 

Check out the SBA website though.  Its good stuff!