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The evolution of this blog…and site.

Just the other day, this site turned 4 years old. Which means it is slightly older than Cormac…who knew? 

Anyway, over the years it began as just a blog and has slowly evolved into a home for my consulting business…nothing fancy, but a place that you can come and find my blog, my services, my white papers, and more stuff that you need to know me and to do business with me.

In that vein, I have been lucky enough to begin working on some really great projects with some really great people. And, in the past several months, I have learned a great deal. 

That being said, I have taken to making sure that my blog is updated daily. Not everyday is earth shattering, lengthy, meaty posts. Some days are just a little blurb and drip, a fragment of an idea…if you will. 

Other days, you get some serious thinking and something that has probably been on my mind a long time. 

A few months back, I started to post occasional pieces about “just the basics.” And, some of them really struck a chord. 

Going forward, I am going to start a new series of posts that will pop up occasionally about how to be better at business. I will call them BBAB. So you will see them listed as BBAB #1, BBAB #2, ETC.

I hope you continue to find things of value here and in the coming months there are going to be even more exciting things that I will be able to announce. 

Plus, don’t forget to check out my pieces and interviews all over the Internets, print, and elsewhere…