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Are You Looking At The Process…


In too many organizations, they are worried about navel gazing and statistics that mask the larger issues of their deficiencies.

You can see that now when organizations talk about buzzwords like “Big Data” or “Account Based Marketing.”

These fancy terms are just ways to distract teams and executives from the basics of business.

I get it.

The buzzwords are sexy. They are everywhere. They are IMPORTANT!


They are important because everyone is talking about them?

I’d say that they are important because it is much easier to focus on what’s new as opposed to what is tough.

What is tough?

The basics:

  • A focus on value!
  • Who is our real buyer?
  • How do we reach them?

That’s tough because you have to take the time to slow down and think.

If you are focusing on the right things, you won’t be a frantic mass of action.

Your actions will be measured and consistent.

You won’t be seduced by numbers and activities that are meaningless to your ultimate success. You will be focused on the specific things that will make a real improvement on your business.

You see, no matter what business you are in, there is a process that you can develop and refine that will help you get a long way towards success.

In most companies and industries, the difference between success and failure is actually how well someone does the basics.

But the basics don’t move page click numbers.

They don’t look as good on a PPT deck.

And, they certainly don’t sound sexy when you are talking with your colleagues and teams.

Instead, the next time you are trapped or stuck…why not refocus on your basics.

Return to the value you create.

Look at who and what your real buyers are, do, and need.

Focus all of your marketing and sales efforts on reaching these people where they are likely to see it.

Or, you can go crazy on buzzwords.

Your choice.