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Would Your Vision Make Superman Proud?


Just like Superman, if you have a strong, targeted vision…you can achieve almost anything.

Most of the time, the idea of having a strong vision is just tossed around like “meh, we have one, its important…whatever.”

The only problem with that is that your vision is an essential part of your business.

This means that your vision impacts everything you do, all of the values you have as an organization, and helps you frame every decision that you will make.

Its that simple. Not a lot going on, really.

So what do you do to make sure that you have a vision that is befitting your organization?

  1. Determine what it is you want to contribute: How will the world be better when you have achieved your mission? What will your company leave behind?
  2. Create a vision statement that is clear, compelling, and easy for anyone to understand: A vision that is impossible to understand won’t help anyone. In too many cases, the vision statement reads like a laundry list of meaningless buzz words and is pretty much meaningless to most of the people in the organization. You can’t have that be yours. You need something simple and clear the will act as a guiding star. Something like Ted: “Spread Ideas.”
  3. Make sure that your teams and employees know what your vision is: You want the vision statement to guide your organization’s actions. So you need to make sure that your people understand your vision and why it is important.

Vision is really a picture that you draw for your organization of how the world will be better because of you. The better you are at making that vision clear and compelling, the better you are going to be at getting closer to your vision and creating the kind of meaningful change and value that motivates everyone.