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Everything revolves around your buyer


I think I wrote about buyer personas in the introduction to this section on marketing…

I’m an idiot.


Because really if I say the term buyer persona, then you think some sort of marketing trick.

Instead of persona, you need to think about the type of buyer you want to reach.

You know, the kind of person that can say yes to what you are selling.

Which when you are thinking about your marketing, the most important person you can focus on is the one that can say yes to what you buy.

That’s why I put that at the heart of my strategy sessions with clients and why you need to spend more time focusing on your buyer and what they want and need.

Are you struggling with that?

Here are a few questions to get you started:

1. How does the value you produce impact the organizations you are searching out to do business with?

You have to begin by understanding what you are trying to sell.

Without that, you are going to fail to reach the right people.

So begin by knowing what the impact is that you are having on your partners’ organizations.

2. Where does this value have an impact?

You want to know where the impact of your value lies.

You might know the people that use your value. You might know the people that like your product.

But do you know where your value has the most impact?

If you do, you are ahead of the game.

3. Who is the person that can actually buy your offering?

Too much time is wasted on trying to sell people on value that they can never buy.

I’m not sure why this is, maybe the race to the bottom brought on by the Internet.

But you need to actually focus on the people that can actually pay for and will pay for what you are selling.

4. Where do these type of people congregate, learn, and are influenced?

You need to go to the places that your buyers are.

You need to know where they network, hang out, and go.

You want to know how they learn and where they learn.

And, you need to know who is the influence in their decision making process.