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Do You Really Know Your Buyers?


One thing about our modern advertising/marketing/sales environment is that BIG DATA has encouraged us to believe that people can be broken down into simple desires, needs, and trigger points.

And, how this plays out in the way we talk with our buyers is we often talk at them like idiots.

Instead of talking with our buyers like we want to be partners.

The reason most sales and marketing efforts struggle has to do with the fact that we don’t actually understand our buyers and what they are really looking to resolve and what is the real trigger that will push them towards our products and services.

The issue is, we are all individuals, so you need to approach your buyers as such…especially the larger investment they are going to make.

1. Ask yourself what challenges your potential buyers are not seeing:

We are often good at looking at the obvious when thinking about our clients and prospects. Which usually means that they are also pretty good at recognizing them on their own.

Where we can do ourselves and our buyers a better service is by asking ourselves what we are see as opportunities that our buyers and prospects are missing.

2. What insights can you offer that will change your prospects’ business?

Too many people get confused that they are in the problem solving business, but you actually need to be in the growth of your prospects businesses.

3. What is the risks that they are dealing with?

Ask yourself what are the risks that they are dealing with.

Is there a risk of doing anything?

Is there a risk of doing nothing?

Is there a risk that they aren’t aware of?