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Do you know the difference between advertising and marketing?


For dramatic effect I put the Hatfields and McCoys picture up there for you…because if you are going to understand the difference between marketing and advertising, you need to have an understanding of differences.

In many cases, it has become acceptable for people to reference marketing and advertising in the same breath. Like they are very much similar.

The truth is that they are not at all similar.

Marketing is a strategic set of decisions that support the branding and selling of your product, service, or business to your target audience.

Advertising on the other hand is a tactical effort that supports your marketing.

As a practical idea for people that may be bogged down and confronted with explaining this to others, without a solid marketing plan, your advertising efforts are going to be a waste of money and time. With a solid marketing plan and an understanding of the goals and objectives of your advertising, you can be successful.

If you lead with advertising, the tail is wagging the dog.

Marketing is the dog.

Advertising is the tail.