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2 Ways To Maximize Customer Experience

I’ve always been a fan of the holistic nature of any endeavor.

Lately I have been doing a lot more reading about the customer experience, which to me is symbolized by the Apple digital hub strategy and how everything is connected and works in sync.

That got me to thinking about how the customer experience is the most important thing, no matter what industry you are in.

So here are 2 quick ideas on how to maximize the customer’s experience in your business:

1. Provide a Wow! moment:

Wow! moments aren’t as crazy as you might think. Depending on the nature of your business, a Wow! moment could be as simple as going the extra step of asking a customer what kind of rum they might like; if they need a bag; or by holding the door.

Obviously in many situations, the Wow! factor is going to be bigger, but I bet you can start with some minor thing…

Even in professional services, Wow! can be captured by just following through on your promises in a timely manner.

2. Look for ways to add value, large or small: 

Value is all any business is about anyway.

But too often we get caught in the myopic situation of thinking our roles are just tasks along the way.


What we are really there to do is to add value.

So look for ways to add value to your customers, even if they are really small.

Think about the toy store that wraps gifts, complimentary.

Or, think about the restaurant that gives you a tasty appetizer because you are a somewhat occasional visitor?

Those aren’t huge things, but they can make a big difference.