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5 Key Takeaways: Brand Management Webinar

Next week, I’m doing a free webinar on Brand Management for ticket selling organizations in partnership with the folks at AudienceView.


I’ve been mapping out the presentation this afternoon and I’ll let you see behind the curtain to what the big areas of focus will be next week.

Defining what a brand is: Every good marketer should have a working definition of what a brand is so that they can make decisions according to their definition.


Come to the webinar and find out!

3 questions at the heart of brand management: Brand management can be complex, but at the heart of the job are three simple questions that every brand manager should ask and answer.

Brand Codes…because too much is never enough: We are going to cover the symbols that become the representation of your brand to your market. We will also cover why people don’t pay nearly enough attention to them and how sometimes people don’t even know what their codes are.

The power of proper research: We will talk about proactive research vs. reactive data. Plus, how research equals profitable opportunities.

Strategy before tactics: We will confront the demon in the room…why you have to lead with strategy because you can’t back your way into going in the right direction. And, we will show how many ticket sales you leave on the table by not having a strategy.

Sign up and don’t miss out! This will be fun and informative!

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