Are You Making High Impact Selling Decisions?

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A brand I’ve been playing with lately is “High Impact.”

I’ve got a few “High Impact” strategy workshops in the works including a “High Impact Selling” workshop that I am working on putting together in London in March.

That said, I have a question for you:

“Are you making high impact selling decisions?”

How can we define high impact selling decisions?

Here’s a few ideas:

  1. Do you use your unique selling proposition to differentiate you from your competition? Simply this means are you allowing yourself to fall into the commodity trap?
  2. Do you have a foundation for your sales efforts? There’s a lot to think about here, but how comfortable are you prospecting? Do you know who your buyer is? Do you know the unique value you deliver? Do you know where to find your buyers?
  3. How SMART is your prospecting? Meaning, does your prospecting reflect your business, your customers, and your goals? Or, is your prospecting a relic of a time long gone?
  4. Have you set goals and expectations for what you are trying to do? Meaning is there an outcome that you will be happy with? Is there a certain metric that you are using to justify what you’ve done?
  5. Are you prepared to have better sales conversations? We live in a world where we think we can digitize and systemize everything. That’s untrue and in most cases the salesperson with the best acumen will win.
  6. Do you understand what kind of objections you might have to deal with? There aren’t many true ones, but you still need to know how to deal with them. Usually they fall somewhere in price, urgency, trust, or need. And, money is usually not a real objection.
  7. Are you being assertive and persuasive? You don’t want to be pushy, but you can’t sit around and wait for the sale to come to you.
  8. Are you missing out on sales because of your use of language? Having been involved in politics for a bit, framing and reframing are key skills that everyone should have and use. High impact sellers know how to reframe a discussion.
  9. How often do you find yourself thinking like a marketer? Peter Drucker once said something to the effect of the best marketing makes sales unnecessary. Is there a way that you can help accelerate that idea in your business?
  10. How often do your customers turnover or buy from you again? High impact sellers keep their customers for the long haul and have a significant amount of their business come from their current customers buying more of what they offer.

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