Are your prospecting emails getting 80% positive replies?

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I think Tim Ferriss wrote or talked about one of his guests “exploding” your ideas.

By that I mean that you take an idea and ask how you can accelerate the timeline.

Let’s say you want to meet 100 new buyers a year and that will help you deliver on your goals.

How can you do that in a faster time frame?

Like let’s say 6 weeks?

Or can you do it in 6 months as opposed to 12?

I bring this up because I have been working on an email prospecting course for a school in Australia and I have been testing the lessons in my own business as I move forward.

And, the results have been pretty great.

As in I’m getting positive responses from about 80% of the people I have been prospecting so far.

That’s crazy!

So I wanted to share a few of my lessons with you quickly or at least the ones I have so far.

1. Have a clear understanding of what your next step looks like: I talk about the next logical step throughout the course. For too many of us, we don’t really know what action we want our prospect to take. Make that clear and you can get a much better response rate.

2. Offer up value at each touch: You realize that you have to exchange value for time. The better your value proposition or value offer, the more likely you are to get a response.

3. Be targeted: No matter what you sell, it isn’t for everyone. So don’t try to be everything to everyone. Target your audience the right way. If you are targeting your messages, you are likely to get better results.

4. Write your subject line last: Don’t try to write a subject line first. That usually makes you come off like a spammer. Let the call to action and the body lead you to the right subject line.

5. Keep it short: The best emails I have written have been 5-6 sentences, maybe less. Shorter is better and makes it more likely you’ll get a response.

6. Your Call-To-Action better be tight: Ask for one thing. Keep it clear and simple.

7. Measure your results: Set goals, understanding what your success looks like.

These are the 7 big takeaways.

I’ll update the results and the post as needed going forward.

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