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“But, Will It Work?”


“But does it work?”

That should be the question at the center of all of our business decisions.

In working with a lot of clients on marketing and strategy challenges, that question usually falls to the wayside pretty early on for any number of reasons.

Maybe they have never thought through where they are trying to get to.

Maybe they are dazzled by the latest in technology or platforms.

Possibly there is a battle going on for the decision making soul of the organization.

Hey, anything is possible.

What matters is that it works. That’s how we should be judging our work. That’s how we should be designing our campaigns.

It isn’t nearly enough these days for someone to say I want a campaign that is built around social media. That’s meaningless without knowing how it fits into a larger campaign, a larger brand strategy, a larger marketing strategy.

The same goes for the use of discounts. The use of any tactic really.

Without defining what you want to do in the context of your strategy and the outcomes you hope to achieve, nothing else matters.

That’s why you always have to ask if it is going to work and judge against the results.

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