What Will You Contribute?


I’m not sure if it is an as of late thing or if I just missed something, but it seems now…more than ever, we hear talk about their ability to solve problems.

I was reading an article about the potential for disruption to consulting firms and it talked about one area of emphasis that consulting firms should be looking at: opportunity creation.

Which, the truth be told, is where consulting firms should have been pushing their resources for a long time.

But I digress.

That’s not to beat up on consulting firms either. Because I think far too many of us get trapped in the “what problem will I solve” quagmire.

When the real opportunities lie in the area of creating opportunities and driving them forward.

I think problem solving sort of became the term du jour because it was easy to understand and easy to relate to people when you are explaining or looking for things.

But let’s look at where there is real opportunity and the people with the capability to capitalize on these opportunities should be ahead of the game:

  • Creating demand for and driving consumers into sporting events.
  • Building a sustainable future for retail and retail space.
  • Growing communities of people in the real world that will take continuous positive actions for causes and issues that concern them.
  • Building sustainable jobs and infrastructure opportunities in America.

Which means that you have to figure out what you want to contribute.


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